KLIA - Malaysia Golden Satellite Lounge F section

I arrived at KLIA with plenty of time at hand, intending to spend it at Malaysian’s Golden Lounge, which I had read raving reviews about. This is why I booked a one-way ticket on MH from KUL to SIN in First – the price difference to coach being insignificant anyway. Prior to heading to the lounge though, I wandered around the airport a bit to admire the magnificent architecture. When I eventually decided to go to the satellite terminal, I headed to immigration where there was no line whatsoever, and then hopped on the train out to the satellite. Thanks to the daylight, I noticed that the thing went quite fast and partially underground – cool! Once in the satellite, I made some wrong turns and had to ask for directions at the SQ lounge. They laughed and asked if I had really missed the large and bright entrance “on the other side of the rain forest”, referring to the courtyard in the middle of the satellite. In fact, I had. However, the real challenge seemed only to come, for I was given a map of the MH lounge upon entering it. As if it were so hard to find the different areas, given that there were only two: A Business and a First Class section. The later was pointed out to me, and I made my way past a water fountain and into pleasant surroundings dominated by large window and modern, bright furniture. An artificial creek runs through the middle of the lounge area and separates the two sections. As I later found out, the snack and beverage selection is identical in both areas, and there is free WLAN throughout. The main advantages of the F section are the more generous seating, smaller crowd (in fact, only some four other pax where there with me), relaxation rooms and what is fancily called a sit-down restaurant. This is where I went first, and I must say that I was left very unimpressed. While the selection of hot and cold food was quite ample, most of it was of mediocre quality and pretty stale. Some industrial-made, foil wrapped sandwiches brought back memories of LX short-haul coach, while the dry and tasteless Mah Meh reminded me of my high school cafeteria. Service was on-demand only (I had to ask for them to clear away my plates and to bring me a coffee after dinner) and rather uninspired. On a positive note, the chocolate-coffee concoction I chose from the drinks menu was yummy, and so where the sweets at the desserts buffet. I guess Malays have a sweet tooth? I did not feel like having any booze and quite frankly don’t remember how good the selection was.

It is impossible to miss a flight when waiting for it in this lounge, first of all because only a very limited selection of magazines and papers is there to keep you busy, and secondly because all flights are repeatedly and loudly called out. The atmosphere was nowhere as relaxing and refined as in CX or SQ’s home lounges. Hence, no tears were shed when it was time to board the flight down to SIN.

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