MH613 KUL-SIN 02/MAY B737-400, 2A, First

I had to clear security at the gate, and when I was done, boarding was just about to start. Despite this being a narrow-body aircraft, proper “Golden Club Class” seats were installed, in a 2-2 configuration. They were on par with their counterparts on SQ on the way in. The flight was pretty full, with all 16 seats upfront taken. Two charming and attentive (not to forget attractive!) flight attendants clad in sarongs (a hint to MH and SQ’s shared past, I think) offered a pre-departure choice of OJ or champagne as well as a hot towel. Push-back was more or less on time, and I browsed through Malaysian’s onboard magazine on the way to the runway. As the engines spooled up for takeoff, I noticed that nobody had bothered to remove my juice glass, despite it standing on the little armrest tray all the time. So I just held on to it while we soared into the sky. Less than two minutes after wheels up, while we were still steeply climbing, the seatbelt sign went off and the crew sprung into action. European airlines would probably fret about that, but anyway. I kept my seatbelt securely fastened. Flying time to Changi was a short half hour, and just like SQ, MH performed a meal service that included a choice of hot samosas, delicious fresh fruit and drinks. The samosas were nothing to write home about, but the china used was very, very pretty. So pretty in fact that for a second, I contemplated accidentally slipping some stuff into my carry-on. But don’t worry, I didn’t! I even duly returned the orange juice glass that they forgot beforehand! Another hot towel was offered prior to landing, which was on time. That left me with plenty of time until my LX flight to BKK was scheduled to leave.

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