LH5535 ZRH-MUC 19/JUN B737-500, 8D, Economy

For this 7.10am departure I arrived at ZRH airport around 6.20am and was surprised to see “unique” so busy. I had thought that this being a Saturday, there wouldn’t be many passengers at such an early hour. It seemed as if most of the people around were getting on charter flights to the sea.

After a short wait in the C class line at Star Alliance check-in, a friendly agent took care of me and accepted my Mexicana-issued, handwritten ticket without a second look. She was somewhat surprised though that I was headed for Athens with the return flight not due until 2 months later and only carried a light backpack. I gave her a mysterious smile, she gave me exit row aisle seats on both my LH flights for the day, and I proceeded through passport control.

When we were bussed to our plane I noticed that instead of the scheduled Canadair RJ, Lufthansa had dispatched a B735 to operate this short flight. Still, there were only about 50 pax and everybody had plenty of room. Flying time was announced at a brief 30 minutes and we took off more or less on time. The service consisted of a Milka candy bar and a “cup” (a yellow plastic thingy that reminded me of feeding my cat once I got back home) of tea, and the flight was smooth. The only hassle was the lengthy bus transfer from the remote stand in MUC to the non-Schengen arrival section of Franz Josef Strauss’ new terminal 2.

This was my first time in this new terminal, and it looked very nice and modern. The excellent signposting directed me to the FTL lounge at the G gates, which was large and airy (no smoking, apparently?). But the snack selection was virtually inexistent. I had some apple juice and grabbed a Süddeutsche Zeitung weekend edition to read on the way to Greece.

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