LH3390 MUC-ATH 19/JUN A320, 10C, Economy

This flight was booked at capacity, mostly with German holidaymakers. Seeing the crew perform the safety demo manually reminded me of the fact that unlike Swiss, Lufthansa did not equip their A32x fleet with these neat little dropdown monitors. Pity, for I like to have a look at the airshow every now and then.

Pushback was on time, but we had to endure a 20min wait on the taxiway before it was our turn to take off. Immediately after the seat belt sign went off, the crew sprung into action and started serving a hot breakfast consisting of omelets with spinach and potatoes, and a roll. The beverage cart came round twice during the flight and I had more tea in yet another one of these yellow plastic receptacles.

The flight attendants on this leg were what I consider normal for LH: highly efficient, not at all unfriendly, but neither particularly charming nor “going the extra mile”. But unlike their LX counterparts, they can at least offer Economy class passengers some food to keep them busy without having to ask for cash.

After a beautiful approach over the host city of the next Olympic Games (if they get their act together anyway), we touched down at Spata airport slightly ahead of schedule. As I switched on my cell phone, I received a text message from Swiss informing me that my flight back to Zurich was expected to be about 30min late. I had not requested a SMS notification, but was certainly glad for it.

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