Singapore Changi airport - SATS Premier Lounge

Swiss uses the very unremarkable SATS Premier Lounge at Changi’s Terminal 1, and I was not overly keen on spending too much time there. After getting my onward boarding pass at a transit desk, I sat down in the common area between terminals, which offers a panoramic view of the tarmac. It somewhat reminded me of Zurich’s “Airside Center”, which has a similar glass front. Thanks to StarHub’s mobile roaming service, I was able to get free WLAN and surfed away the time when I suddenly noticed a jazz combo setting up on a little stage next to the Sports bar. Turns out Changi airport regularly hosts free concerts for its passengers, and an apparently well known Singaporean jazz band was about to play. What a magnificent idea! I should tell the ZRH airport operator about it… Soon, I was watching a tropical sunset on the far side of the runway while listening to lovely, soothing tunes. Great! I had previously shunned Changi airport for its ugly carpets, plinky plonky background music and fake waterfall, but it definitely grew on me. Who needs the bloody SATS lounge anyway? I hope that once the integration into Lufthansa is complete, LX will start using the Silver Kris Lounge just like LH does. I admit still passing by the Premier Lounge prior to boarding for a quick drink, and to grab a Swiss newspaper that I knew is delivered there when the LX flight gets in. Well in time, I made my way to the gate and through security.

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