Tokyo Narita airport - Cathay Lounge

Check-in for my flight back to Hong Kong took a while as there were several desks for Cathay, but only one baggage X-ray machine in front of them all. So everybody had to stand in one line for checked luggage inspection and only afterwards could proceed to the respective counters. This somewhat beats the point of separate F, C and Elite counters. But as I wasn’t in a hurry, I did not mind the 15 minute wait. With the boarding pass for my favorite seat 2A in hand, I passed the security screening, grabbed a bottle of Sake in a duty free store and then proceeded to the lounge pavilion. I decided to have a quick look at the Admirals Club, but found it filled to the brims with people, yet depleted of any snacks, and quickly escaped into the Cathay Lounge next door, which was a calm sanctuary in comparison. I had some Oolong tea and Japanese nibbles and then surfed the internet when suddenly, a man looking vaguely familiar and his two companions sat down next to me. It later turned out that they were on the same flight to TPE, seated across the aisle from me. After a bit of Googleing, I think that said gentleman was Chris de Burgh, but I am not absolutely certain.

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