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Last update 28/JAN/2024

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Search + Book

  • Kayak - Meta search engine for flights, hotels and rental cars. Mostly in the US, some coverage in Europe.
  • ITA Software Matrix Tool - Google's ITA division as now released version 5 of this powerful and popular flight search tool. Does show fare details, but doesn't allow you to book.
  • Book with Matrix - this travel hack allows you to copy an itinerary from Matrix above and book it at airline or OTA websites
  • Google Flights - The commercial version of the ITA Matrix with ability to book (via airlines)
  • Rome to Rio - tool to find transportation between any two locations, including plane, train, bus etc.
  • Kiwi - search and book connecting itineraries on various low cost carriers
  • Skiplagged - specialized search engine showing "hidden city ticketing" opportunities


  • Where to Credit - Free volunteer-run site showing which booking classes on which airline earn how many miles in which FFP
  • United MileagePlus PQP Calculator - Calculate how many PQP and PQM your ticket will earn in United MileagePlus
  • AwardNexus - Free award inventory search engine for Star Alliance, oneworld and Skyteam
  • AeroLOPA - This site provides detailed seat maps of most major airlines' aircraft.
  • Flugstatistik - Enter your flights to obtain handy stats (English version)
  • Great Circle Mapper - Calculate miles between two airports
  • IATA Airline & Airport Codes - Look up 3 letter airport and 2 letter airline codes
  • TIMATIC - United Airlines' interface to the IATA database of visa and immigration document requirements
  • Evreward - a directory of affiliate links offering miles or cashback for online shopping
  • Ebates - affiliate link portal with cash-back for bookings on most major travel providers and online stores
  • AutoSlash - List of discount coupons for all major car rental companies
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