Singapore Changi airport - Silver Kris Lounge F section

The first thing I noticed once I exited the jetway was the hideous purple-shaded carpet and the plinky-plonky muzak that make for the distinctive Changi atmosphere. The second thing I realized was that I was slightly tipsy, meaning that I had not noticed how often my various wine glasses were refilled on Cathay. This jeopardized my planned filling up on Krug in the Silver Kris Lounge, for the sole purpose of which I had booked my upcoming SIN-KUL segment on SQ in First, heeding the advice given on Flyertalk. Luckily, my ETD was still several hours away, so I grabbed one of the “Transit options at Changi” leaflets and looked for an alternative to the SKL. The brochure mentioned a sunflower garden with fresh air and a view of the tarmac, and I gave it a try. The expected, but still overwhelming climate shock of Singapore’s usual 35 degrees with 100% humidity worked wonders to clear up my mind. As a side effect, my body had a first chance to familiarize itself with the predominant weather conditions for the days ahead in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

After a while in the “ourdoor Turkish baths with sunflowers”, I returned into the air-conditioned sanctuary which, despite the carpets and muzak, suddenly felt a lot more inviting. I stopped by one of SQ’s transit desks to check in for my SQ segment and ensured that my bag also made the transfer, and finally proceeded to the Silver Kris Lounge, where I was welcomed with a “Singapore Girl” smile. Despite reports on Flyertalk, I was a bit skeptical at first if the F boarding pass for the short hop to KUL would really grant me access to the First Class side of the SKL. But it sure did, and I soon found myself in a comfy armchair, well hidden away behind the aquarium.

Despite raving reviews, I have yet to discover what others like so much about this lounge. Just like during my previous visits, I missed any daylight or view and found the lighting to be too dim to work properly on my laptop. Yes, all the “tangibles” such as food and drinks, shower and restroom facilities etc. were there, but the atmosphere keeps reminding me of an 80ties hotel lobby and not a modern airport facility… One thing that certainly is up to date though is the free WLAN, which I used extensively for the next 90 minutes to catch up on news and email from back home. Doing so, I had nothing but a glass of Perrier. Once “business” was done though and boarding time approached, it seemed appropriate to indulge in the large spread that SQ offers their customers. A first raid returned a glass of Krug champagne and some satay, both of which was excellent and brought back pleasant memories of the “First class extravaganza” that took f4free and yours truly to SIN back in 2003… A couple more forays to bar and buffet meant that by the time it was time to board (not to be confused with the moment Changi moment tells you to board ), I had had not only had two more glasses of the precious French liquid, but also several samosas, some chicken curry, cheese and crackers, and ice cream. That walk to the gate never felt so looooong!

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