CX450 HKG-TPE 25/APR B747-400, 2A, First

Boarding through the separate C/F lane was smooth, and I was greeted at the door and led through the famous left turn into the 747 nose and to my seat 2A, which I had been successful in assigning for all CX F flights on this trip. With no one else in “visual range”, it ensures privacy while still letting its occupant see what’s going on in the cabin, notably in the service / bar area between 2A and 2K. The SCMP and a beverage of my choice (+1 for the Cathay Delight count ) were brought to my seat, and one of the F/As told me that only two more pax were to join me on the short hop to Taipei. We pushed back slightly ahead of schedule, and while the safety demo was running, I was handed the menu for the sector:

Menu cover Menu Drinks

There was no separate wine list due to the early morning departure, but I believe that some alcoholic beverages were loaded just in case. I didn’t ask for any though and also denied the offered refill on the CX signature drink, knowing that a lot of food and drink was still to come in the next six hours.

Soon after take-off and while I was enjoying the view down on Victoria Harbor, “my” flight attendant came to take my breakfast order, and having had some Dim Sum in the lounge, I asked for Cheese Omelette with Lamb Noisette instead, as well as for a cappuccino. While my table was set with all the works, I chatted with the crew who clearly noticed that I was in a leisurely vacation mood and not a grim businessman like my fellow pax. The flight attendants were cheery and cordial, and I was afraid that I might destroy the great mood when pointing out that I had ordered cappuccino and not just the plain coffee they served me. The mistake was quickly corrected when a cappuccino topped with lots of foam appeared along with an apology by the flight attendant “responsible”. No big deal for me! Service continued with a choice of bread and / or pastries from a basket (I love it how they present / explain every bakery item to you and then let you chose, instead of just holding the basket towards you and hoping that you’ll find out what the different items are) and the Omelette appeared shortly afterwards. It was probably in an attempt to compensate for the coffee mistake that the flight attendants decided to add all of the accompaniments on the menu instead of just the Lamb that I had asked for. While this was generous, it made the plate look glutted and I didn’t finish it. The Omelette was rather bland, but the Lamb was surprisingly good and not chewy at all.

When my table was cleared, we had already started our initial descent, and I accepted another round of drinks, but this time asked for some of the excellent Jasmine tea on offer. It was served to me along with a customer satisfaction survey for which the F/As had “randomly chosen” me, as I was told tongue-in-cheek. I had previously told “my” flight attendant that I was a student, and she now informed me that completing the survey was my homework. Being as submissive to authority as I am, I completed the form but commented on the fact that I normally don’t get to grade my “teachers” as I did in that case. We had a good laugh, and I got to keep the Cathay pen which back home made for a nice little gift. The F/A also told me that the lady on the survey cover would be taking care of me on the next sector. Prior to landing, the ISM came by to greet me and to tell me that the entire crew would change in TPE. Pity, for I had very much enjoyed this bunch of people. I chose to disembark at TPE and thus said my goodbyes before heading to the TPE lounge.

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