Hong Kong - The Kowloon Hotel

This was just a quick night stop, and I really had no intention of either spending too much money or seeing anything but a bed. The airport hotel, thanks to its monopoly, was so expensive though that it was still significantly cheaper to go downtown and stay there. A bid on Priceline resulted in a booking at the Kowloon Hotel, managed by the Peninsula and located directly behind it at the tip of Kowloon. I took the free shuttle bus there and was quickly checked in to a room on the 7th floor. So I lugged all my stuff up there, only to find that the key card to my room didn’t work. No biggie I thought went downstairs and explained the situation. The card was quickly “recoded” and I was sent up to floor 7 again. It still didn’t work. I sighed, pushed my luggage back into the elevator and went down into the lobby again. This time though, I insisted on a staff member to accompany me for I started doubting my abilities to operate a hotel room door. Miraculously, it worked with the third key and without the bellhop’s assistance. I dumped my stuff, left the hotel quickly to buy some water from the Watson’s up Nathan Road, then returned for a refreshing shower and a good night’s rest. The following day was set to start early.

My alarm clock went off at 5.45am, and the anticipation of a day in the care of Cathay Pacific’s First Class crew made me get up with joy despite the early hour. I got ready, checked out and hopped on a cab taking me through the still empty streets to the Airport Express station. I knew that I could check in there, but I wanted to try the “First Class concierge” service offered at the airport and thus took my bag on the train with me.

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