HKG airport - The Wing one more time

Got up rather early the next morning, hopped back on the AEX and snoozed all the way to Chek Lap Kok. That day, I was looking forward to two more segments in Cathay First Class, followed by a lengthy layover at the Singapore Silver Kris lounge (aka the Krug Bar) and a short hop on SQ to KUL. Not my usual day for sure, and I was planning to make the most of it, starting with check-in at the lovely “concierge desks” at HKIA. There, I was welcomed without any wait and for the second time watched in awe how details regarding my flight appeared on a LCD screen facing me while the CX ground agent took care of my ticket. I asked her to through-check my bag all the way to KUL with SQ, which she was indeed able to do. For obvious alliance reasons, no boarding pass for my SQ segment could be issued, but I was advised to contact the SQ desk at Hong Kong for this. However, knowing that my layover at Changi would be long enough, I decided to just get my onward boarding pass there.

Cathay only operates one daily flight between HKG and SIN offering First Class service, and this flight stops in BKK on the way, which the check-in agent politely pointed out to me. Naturally, with this being on an “Ausflug” anyway (the German pun can’t be translated, sorry), I did not mind at all, thanked her, proceeded through passport control and security and one more time did what I like so much: Turning left, walking down the passage along the oversized CX logo which leads right up to the entrance to the Wing, where I was warmly welcomed. With about two hours to spare prior to boarding, I asked for and was given a Cabana again, and soon found myself relaxing under the lovely rainfall shower in this perfect sanctuary. Had I had any, all my tension and nervousness would have been washed away in an instant. As it was however, it was just a very nice way to start into a day full of abundance. While showering, I came to think that I’m really glad for not being a “First Class regular”. I believe that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this formidable way of travelling all that much anymore once I’d get used to it… When the rush of the water ended and I wrapped myself into the thick towel provided, I suddenly heard faint waltz music again. The tune was “G’schichten aus dem Wiener Wald”. Apparently, the same “Best of Vienna” CD was playing again, much to my liking. I re-used the comb I had asked for the other week (and wisely kept!) and reluctantly left, driven by my thirst. Instead of sitting down in the Haven though, I plunged into one of the comfy leather sofas near the edge of the balcony the lounge sits on, and took in the fabulous view of the airport and the departing planes. A waiter immediately approached me and offered a hot towel which, freshly bathed as I was, I did not need. Still, a very welcome gesture. I ordered a cappuccino and a glass of water, both of which appeared within a few minutes, nicely presented on a silver tray. My flight was departing from a gate right underneath the Wing, so I could peek down from the balcony every now and then and easily determine when it was time to get up and leave the Wing for good.

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