LX183 BKK-ZRH 04/MAY A340-300, 10A, Business

It was about two hours prior to departure that my cab dropped me at Don Muang that night, and I dreaded the prospect of 12 hours in long-haul Economy, having been pampered so much on my previous flights. You can imagine my relief then when upon check-in, I learned that the sought-after operational upgrade to Business had indeed happened. I happily took the boarding pass sporting the big C, paid my departure tax and hung out in the Cathay lounge until it was time to board the homebound A340. Security was a breeze, but boarding was a mess despite technically being done in two lanes, one for F and C and one for others. It seems that the pax, mostly Swiss holiday makers, decided to ignore the announcements and signposts and board whenever and wherever they wanted. Polite requests by the Thai staff were simply ignored. This was my people after all...

Writing this, I am torn between continuing my criticism of the LX long-haul service, and being grateful for the operational upgrade. Considering that I had merely paid a discounted Y fare, I definitely was in no position to complain. The seat was comfortable and enabled me to sleep soundly for six hours or so, and the IFE worked fine again. I was also positively surprised by how easy it was to get out of my window seat while the neighbor in the aisle had his seat reclined. The hard seat “shells” make it possible to hold on to the seat in front of you and then “swing” over your seatmate’s legs. That’s right, yours truly did artistic gymnastics some 40’000 feet above Kazakhstan…

As for catering, here are the meals offered on board, along with the same C Class wine list as on the outbound:

Menu cover Menu

I had a glass of champagne on the ground and then some Swiss red wine with dinner. Too bad it was served at around 3°C and thus without any taste. This being a “supper” service, the meal was presented on a plastic tray, with the appetizer plate later being subbed with the main course – I believe I had the lamb. Salad, cheese and dessert were all sitting on the tray when it was delivered, all of it being quite small portions. I have no recollection of the food quality, so I assume it was just the regular, decent Business Class fare. What I noticed was that the menu now listed mid-flight snacks. I haven’t tried them, but it is good to see that something would be available for sudden hunger attacks!

Breakfast, again served about 90 minutes out of Zurich (regular readers of the LX board on Flyertalk will know that the early breakfasts are a common chagrin of ours), was quite an elaborate affair with two hot choices and repeated appearances of the bread basket. Too bad that the BKK-catered bakery items were fatty and soggy. Not sure if Swiss could do something about this even if they wanted to. Service throughout the flight was much friendlier and more attentive than what the same crew provided in First two days earlier. Good to see that not all LX flight attendants have the same attitude. Being an “upgradee”, I never had the impression of being treated any different from the other passengers on this full flight. Regular water runs kept me hydrated through the night, and the skin- and lipcare items in the lavs ensured that my skin was properly moisturized. Swiss must have thought that it would save them money if they were to place these little jars in the lavatories instead of in the amenity kits. Not sure if this works out, but in my case, several lip balm containers accidentally slipped into my pocket. They make for great companions in the cold season…

Arrival into Zurich’s E Gates was on time, and I started into the new day much more refreshed than I had originally thought. This was quite important for I still had two more segments to fly, ZRH to MUC and back. I had scheduled them for the afternoon, allowing me to go home and dump my luggage first. When booking the trip, I hadn’t planned on actually flying these two segments, but when the now famous “10’000 bonus miles per segment” promotion came up, things changed radically. I had a hunch that, despite technically not having been booked under the promotion’s terms, these two sectors might still earn me the bonuses. And sure enough, they did. The two hops with an immediate turnaround in Munich were unspectacular and made even more pleasant by the presence of niklaus1, who scheduled his mileage run to coincide with my return flight.

The revised bottom line of the “Munich detour” on the in- and outbound to BKK was not only a saving of €350, but also 34’000 additional miles. Quite worthwhile, wouldn’t you say?

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